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Anonymous asked: A horse is the projection of peoples' dreams about themselves--strong, powerful, beautiful--and it has the capability of giving us escape from our mundane existence. - Pam Brown

This is pretty dang beautiful. Sharing.

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Anonymous asked: Hi :) you post a lot of pictures about a horse named "Noor", i have never heard of this horse before could u please tell me about him, his story, races, winnings, time anything he looks so beautiful!

Not sure when this ask was received, as I have been absent from Tumblr for quite a while.. BUT! I would love to!

Noor was a Thoroughbred born in Ireland to a mare named Queen of Baghdad, and his sire, Nasrullah. At ages 2-4, Noor only achieved moderate success in racing. But it was at the age of five, after being sold to Charles Howard in the USA, that Noor became famous by becoming the first of only two horses to ever beat more than one Triple Crown winner (the other being Exceller). Noor raced against the great horse Citation five times, and beat Citation in four of those races. In each of the races that he defeated Citation, he broke either a track or world record. He and Citation parted ways after the Golden Gate Handicap. Later, Noor met and defeated Assault, another Triple Crown winner, in the Westwood Purse. They met again in the 1950 Hollywood Gold Cup, with other grand horses such as the 1950 Horse of the Year Hill Prince, champion three-year-old filly Next Move, and 1949 Kentucky Derby winner Ponder. Also included were multiple stakes winner Palestinian, On Trust, and Great Circle. None of these horses were a match for Noor that day, for he blew by all of them to win in a track record time. At the end of his career, Noor had broken three track records and three world records, eventually being named Champion Handicap Male Horse. He only sired 208 foals, 13 of those becoming stakes winners.

I post a lot of photos of him because he’s sort of one of my favorite racehorses. xD

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R.I.P. Dance With Fate

So, so sad to hear about this one. Dance With Fate, in addition to being absolutely gorgeous, was a promising talent. His fatal accident occurred while he was in training for Saturday’s San Diego Handicap, in which he was to face older horses. We will never know the full extent of what he could have done, but we will always remember this beautiful, brave boy

Trainer Peter Eurton: “Words can’t express what we’re feeling right now. With an extremely heavy heart, we report Dance With Fate was unable to survive his injuries.”

This makes me so incredibly sad… rest in peace, boy. =/

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“Seattle Slew has such powers of propulsion one is tempted to think your Aunt Gertie could ride him and win.”
-Ray Kerrison, New York Post

Seattle Slew has such powers of propulsion one is tempted to think your Aunt Gertie could ride him and win.”

-Ray Kerrison, New York Post

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